Nature’s Relief Bee Venom Cream


A blend of beneficial herbs and oils which may help your body’s natural pain defense mechanism to soothe the discomfort of creaky joints and aching muscles. Bee Venom Cream is a silky smooth cream containing bee venom and soothing oils and herbs.

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Product Description

It is made up of a blend of Wintergreen, Capsicum and Kanuka oils to provide additional benefits.

  • Wintergreen oil contains methyl salicylate, an aspirin-like compound which is often used in liniments.
  • Kanuka oil is produced from the leaves of the Kanuka tree and has similar properties to Manuka oil. Native New Zealand Maori people have used Manuka and Kanuka as a natural restorative agent in teas, poultices, infusions and inhalations.
  • As reported by the University of Maryland Medical Centre, capsicum oil, or capsaicin works by lowering the amount of substance P, a pain transmitter in the skin and is helpful in soothing aches.
  • Honey provides the silky smooth base to carry the topical bee venom and restorative herbs to your skin.

The application of Nature’s Relief Bee Venom Cream, combined with your body’s natural pain defence mechanisms can give you varying degrees of relief. Just rub on to relieve the discomfort in muscles and joints.

Directions: Apply it to aching knees, elbows, backs, shoulders, necks, wrists and knuckles. Use as required, massaging into the affected area until the cream is completely absorbed. Best results are obtained if the problem area is bandaged with cotton. Wash hands carefully after use. Avoid contact with the eyes, sensitive skin and mucous membranes.

Ingredients: New Zealand Bee Venom, Methyl salicylate (Oil of Winter Green), Oleoresin Capsicum, Camphor Oil, New Zealand Kanuka Oil, New Zealand Manuka Honey.