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Bee pollen is a ‘whole food’ supplement. Unlike other supplements marketed as whole food, the fact is that bees instinctively search for the best pollen available. It is nature’s perfect food because each teaspoon of bee pollen contains over 2.5 million grains of life-giving plant pollen.

Plant pollen comes from the male stamen of flowers and is the genesis of all plant life! Pollen is how plants pollinate to form seeds, and reproduce.. It is the genesis of all plant life because it enables every higher living plant on earth to reproduce. It is a potent source of nutrition.

40% protein, at least 18 amino acids, more than 27 vitamins, 28 minerals,
11 enzymes/co-enzymes, 24 beneficial fatty acids, and 11 carbohydrates

NatureBee ‘Potentiated’ Bee Pollen is 100% bee collected, open cell wall, plant pollen nutrients. No added sugar, no artificial colouring, no preservatives, and no gluten. Never heated, NatureBee is fresh raw power and simply a vegetable food in a capsule. Potent, and highly effective.

Isolated vitamin and mineral supplements have synthetic chemical structure that cannot be recognize as ‘food’ and cannot be compared to bee pollen which is a broad spectrum whole raw food.
We take fresh, multi-floral, wild, raw, 100% bee pollen and break open its hard cell wall using a proprietary process similar to the way you would open a walnut to get to its delicious, healthy contents. Our leading-edge science opens and releases the contents of each granule making it more digestible and bio available. No heat is used, so each NatureBee capsule contains raw vegetable food for optimum nutrition!
Bee pollen was entombed with the Egyptian Pharaohs! Historical accounts have been found in every culture around the world. Importantly, we believe pollen is so important to life that it is referenced in the Bible in Genesis 1:29: “I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth.”

Native cultures worldwide used bee pollen as part of their daily nutrition, as well as a survival food because of the amazing amount of powerful nutrition available in a small amount of volume. The Maori,the indigenous people of New Zealand, pounded bee pollen into cakes that were dried and packed to be used on long journeys and to supplement the diet.

Century after century, bee pollen’s full spectrum nutrition has been revered! Hippocrates, often called the “the father of medicine”, refers to bee pollen, and it has long been known as an original health food that supports long life, good health, a strong immune defense, percieved sexual stamina and vitality, while supporting common ailments, and more…

Bee pollen can supercharge your fitness regime!

Studies have shown that bee pollen increases stamina. Our potentiation process uptakes nutrition and bioavailability. It only stands to reason that one should incorporate NatureBee into fitness plans, workout plans and training regimen to increase overall performance.

Women’s health, men’s health, increase speed, increase strength, run a marathon or just around the block…if you are dreaming of competing in the PGA Championship, or simply keeping up with the kids, NatureBee ‘Potentiated Bee’ Pollen will assist you achieving your goals.

Many who struggle with weight management issues may actually be experiencing chemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. Once nutritional balance is restored with eating a balanced diet, and establishing a regular exercise routine, many find that they reach and maintain their ideal weight. Even stubborn weight that has been a problem can be addressed.

Bee pollen contains naturally-occurring phenylalanine that boosts the value of each powerful nutrient, and can help as an appetite suppressant. Bee pollen contains 15% lecithin, a powerful fat burner.

For centuries, bee pollen has been accredited with helping with beautiful skin and internal and external rejuvenation. Muddy, dull skin can be a sign of trapped toxins, poor diet and poor nutrition. Bright, radiant skin makes everyone more attractive. Our customers tell us taking NatureBee improves brittle hair and nails. They tell us of improved health, radiant, beautiful skin, hair and nails, and a healthy glow are the basis of true beauty!
Many take supplements including bee pollen during pregnancy, but please check with your health professional before supplementing your diet.
You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first.
You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first. NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen is ingested (in capsules) and is therefore not airborne or inhaled. Therefore, for most asthmatics it is not a problem. For some it can produce mild asthmatic symptoms when the trigger factors include pollens. It is suggested that one may start with one capsule a day over a week to assess if the symptoms of a tight chest and wheezing appear. If not, then one may be able to increase to a normal dose of two capsules a day.
You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first. Bee pollen has not been in the beehive. It is collected at the entrance to the hive. It is pure, raw 100% plant pollen. It is not known to affect those with reactions to bee stings, or bee products like bee venom in crèmes and rubs.
As always, check with your physician before using any supplements. NatureBee ‘Potentiated’ Bee Pollen is “food” in a capsule, not a drug or medicine, a vegetable food. Our customers often find that they do not need many of the supplements and vitamins they have been taking! This saves money, time and hassle!
Many, many vegetarians use NatureBee bee pollen. The bee collects plant pollen from the stamen of flowers. If you eat honey, then you can use bee pollen. On request, we can offer vege caps!
NatureBee ‘Potentiated’ Pollen is fresh, wild, multi-floral plant pollen gathered by bees: bee pollen is a raw food.

To get the maximum benefit of NatureBee, never heat it. This makes it perfect in smoothies, protein shakes, sprinkled on salads, room temperature dishes, homemade ice creams, cold soups, and more! Simply open NatureBee capsules and sprinkle!

Always check with your medical practitioner before supplementing you or your children’s diet.

ADULTS: Try 2 to 4 capsules a day for 3 months and let us know how you have “Changed Your Health, Changed your life!”

CHILDREN: Always check with your medical practitioner before supplementing you or your children’s diet. For children 2-12yrs, opening 1 capsule and pouring half of it on room temperature foods will make it easier for them to use. For children over 12yrs capsules may be used. We suggest 1 capsule a day.

Yes and we have for years! If you are not satisfied with NatureBee products, simply mail back the empty bottles and we’ll refund your payment, minus shipping!

We are confident that you’ll see a change in your health and life like thousands of others!

We are not medical doctors and these FAQ’s have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please check with your health care practitioner for your medical questions before beginning any supplement program.